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Anesthesiology - beautiful, elegant dress...

If you honestly want something and you put certain effort into it, all dreams come true. She dreamt sweet dreams but her wish to become a nurse was changeless. Her way to fullfill what she dreamt of was quite difficult and she faced many obstacles, anxieties and concernments so as difficult family circumstances to live her dream.  All these issues seriously threatened her dreams to come true. The only one she could rely on was she - herself and that`s why she knew she will be the winner one day.
Miroslava Radojević in her reminiscences „Anesthesiology – my love“ notified prescious moments in the life of a nurse who inspite of many risks decidedly helped people in need. She also said: 

„I could bare quite a lot of things because I knew what was the point of my struggle. I would have given up by no meanse.“

She is aware of the fact that one should learn out of his or her own experience the whole life. If you put an effort and believe in your internal wish to be the winner, it will happen one day for sure. Anaesthesiology was definitly her greatest love and she did her best to be more than successful in this area. As she describes her love to her job she is so poetic and sentimental comparing the anaesthesiology with beautiful precious stone shining from the golden crown. She was sympathetis to every single patient and the sorrow they carried deeply inside. She was revived in the mind of her present and past patients no matter if it was the birth of the new life or the help she generousy offered working with badly injured patients. Miroslava wrot in her book:
„The quality of our work is more than obvious and transparently seen on tha faces of our patients as they leave our room, without any pains and happy. Some of them used to kiss us or to hug us tightly. There was a patient once and as I asked her if she had any pains she compared the anaestesia we applied with elegant night dress“

Her curiosity and the love towards medicine, especially anaestesia motivated her to organise seminars and workshops in this area. The exchange of the experiences and people she met during those seminars were precious for her further careere.
Than she went to Switzerland and purchased for more and more further. The other part of her dreams came true as she moved to Switzerland and started her work in a regional hospital. As she arrived and started working , her dedication to work and her love towards anaesthesia was noticed immediately by her colleagues and chiefs. Thanks to the refernces she got from the hospitals she worked in all the doors were wide opened to her. The way the others see Miroslava Radojević is impressive and interesting. A young german assisting doctor wrote about Miroslava following words:
„The knowledge I got from you hasn`t been written in any book of medicine or anaesthesiology.”

Miroslava Radojević
is a happy woman. She is as happy as one could be. The love she had for her family and for her job made her dreams come true and allowed her to live a life the others could only dream of. She put her wonder shoes on and never put them off walking all along Switzerland. She still works as an anaesthesist cultiveting her unconditional love towards anaesthesia.

Mirjana Marković

Great goals require great sacrifice

Even though she didn`t know Beaumarchai`s quotes: `It doesn`t matter where you come from as soon as you know where you go to“, Miroslava lived her life equivalent to this quotation.

She didn`t feel the bandages of grewing up in a small serbian village and going to live in the challenging world and full fill her eternal dream come true. Ciceron once said: “Great goals require great sacrifice”, and Miroslava took this quote for granted and went for a success.

A diary “Put me to sleep gently” is a proof or better said a sort of evidence for the people who follow their dream they will for sure come true. Her diary has no pretencious or egoistic character of self oriented, egoistic person. On a contrary, it is a collestion of experiences worth reading in any case. Apart from hr love towards job and medicine, she also elicits the importance of creating positive enviroment at the workplace. The one who can make significant influence on the enviroment are we and only we, ourselves.

I learnt a lot from this gorgeous woman. She told me once and it is apsolutly true:The best way to learn is to experience it yourself. That`s the best lesson.

Once she said, you can only be happy surrounded by people. As a Bibel says: „Love all people around you the same way you love yourself“.

This book is not just a simple diary, it is a diary of the life. I warmly recommend this book especially to the women. Dear Miroslava Radojević, thank you so much for being a part of my life for years. Without you I would not be the same person.
Violeta Aleksić


There is a principle that regulates human lives an invisible rule that no one can ever break, no matter what they have done. That is a universal law of the cosmos, the law of action and reaction. Once upon a time wise men said “As you sow, so you shall reap”, and this very thought best describes the law of action and reaction. When one turns around, one cannot but notice the endless number of diversities that almost poetically in rich the world we are the part of. The rich, poor, pretty, ugly, smart, stupid, miserable, satisfied share the place under the sun, skies and on the earth. However, if the sole is made of the finest material, then we are presented with a divine human being; and if that divine human being is also a noble nurse, everything is clear. There she is – Miroslava Radojevic, a devoted mother, generous friend and nurse who has been holding back her tears whole her life constantly end with great love bringing smiles to both familiar and unfamiliar faces, making them never lose hope for the better future. Miroslava Radojevic is a woman hero who saved and helped deliver hundreds of lives, broke the great news to the thousands of people and remained her own self without succumbing to the banalities of our civilization. Only we ourselves can determine what we want to become. That is the case with Miroslava Radojevic who wanted to become a nurse since her childhood and overcame all the obstacles in the path. Hers was not an easy life: she was constantly faced with the new hardships that she injured with ease, because a person who loves there job and makes a living in it is a happy person.
The chapter closed by her autobiography, whose title unveils the core of her being, reaches the peak of Miroslava Radojevic`s life adventure. “Anesthesia, my love” is a book about period of time, a life, about a little girl from a picturesque village in southeastern Serbia that dreamed with her eyes wide open, refusing to let the unfavorable circumstances break her will to achieve her dreams.

Author, program editor in “Milutn Bojic Library”



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