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Argent Hellion

He was born on the 12th of September 1987 in Novi Sad (Serbia). Just before the war, during the summer of 1991, he moved with his family to his father's birthplace near Doboj (Bosnia and Herzegovina), where he attended elementary school and high-school.

In September of 2006 he returned to Novi Sad in order to attend college, but his father's sudden death by the end of that year impacted his life in a number of ways. One of many permanent changes lead to the beginning of his literary work, initially he wrote not for the sake of publishing but rather for easing his own mind and letting his thoughts out... and the only way he could accomplish that was to put it all on paper. During the summer of 2010, due to a serious financial crisis, he abandoned his studies and returned home to attend his family company. He manages the said company, along with his mother, to this day.

He took the pseudonym ''Argent Hellion'' during his studies in Novi Sad, when it became apparent his written work slowly began forming a solid concept and began opening a gateway to a new world, a world he would often visit in order to escape the ever-increasing loneliness. This new world would be greatly inspired thanks to his gaming experiences in numerous on-line worlds, where he spent most of his time escaping reality until he could muster the courage to face it.

His only dedicated work so far is ''Atharon'', the epic fantasy series which began its lifespan back in 2007. The first book went through several incarnations, first one being completed back in 2009. Due to the fact hasn't published any works beforehand, all of the publishers he reached out for turned him down. This escalated with numerous insults which nearly brought his works to a permanent end.

Fortunately, with the appearance of ''The Game of Thrones'' on the scene, epic fantasy suddenly gained immense attention. He kept pursuing publishers and attending fairs, and eventually he managed to contact the Balkan Creative Workshop at the Belgrade Book Fair in 2016. His first book was published by the end of the year, simultaneously in BCS and English.

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